Square Scrub

Equipment Partner

Square Scrub is dedicated to building high quality, rock solid equipment for the cleaning industry. Their durable machines are well-built and designed to provide long term durability. Square Scrub understands that time is money and their products were born to maximize productivity in every application. With a selection of over 3o different surface preparation pads, their machines are designed to make the most efficient use of every pad/paper or screen used, saving both time and money.

With Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines, the process is not only more user friendly, it is environmentally friendly as well. Operators will enjoy manpower savings through a chemical free process. Where chemical stripping requires a minimum of two people, the Square Scrub chemical free process requires only one. With Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines, operators will use significantly less water, wax and other chemicals. The pads are made of recycled materials and at less than 73 decibels – the Square Scrub is ultra quiet.