Equipment Partner


In 1922, RIPPES begins its activity by producing flame welding equipment. In 1975 the idea of covering a loaded pallet with a heat shrink cover in order to stabilise the load and offer weather and theft protection, was hatched and rapidly expanded. The RIPPES Company was one of the first to develop a 'gun' connected to a gas supply, which, by dint of its hot flame, shrunk these shrink wrap covers. The rapid expansion of demand for these shrink 'guns' led to the company setting up a new corporate entity in 1981; the SEFMAT company, with the purpose of designing, manufacturing and promoting these products worldwide. These products are patented in Europe and the United States. The "cold nozzle" patent, which banished any risk of contact burns, placed RIPACK® in the front line of this market. Constantly focussing its investments on research and development, RIPACK® ensures that it can supply its customers with innovative, high quality products.