Janitorial Partner


In 1945, World War II was finally coming to a close and a young Marine named William O’Dell returned to his family with a warm welcome. With the support of family and friends, he began to make brooms and mops on the family homestead. As he traveled the Southeast selling his cleaning products, customers began to realize that these weren’t just any mops or brooms; they were exceptional. Better yet, they came with the O’Dell promise: to offer the highest quality cleaning products with the best service possible, all at a fair price. From these humble beginnings, The O’Dell Corporation has grown into a leading cleaning products company. We’ve maintained the same, relentless commitment to customer service and performance that’s helped us flourish for over 60 years. From a Fortune 500 healthcare corporation to a local family concern, we give each customer the same attention to detail on every order, regardless of size. If you don’t find the cleaning product in our line that meets your exact specifications, we’ll make it for you and put our label on it simply because integrity, innovation and performance is what we’re all about.