Nekoosa Coated Products

Paper Partner


Nekoosa Coated Products is proud to have a strong legacy and ongoing commitment to innovation. In 1961, 3M entered the carbonless paper market and introduced the vast majority of the carbonless sheet product innovations through the 1990’s. In 1996, 3M divested seven divisions to form an independent company, Imation. 3M/Imation Specialty Paper earned a reputation as the leading carbonless technology innovator in precision coating, microencapsulation, and imaging chemistry complimented by with a powerful alliance of merchant partners to provide innovative, functional solutions to printers. In 2005, an entrepreneurial investment group, Dunsirn Partners, acquired the Imation Specialty Paper business and renamed it Nekoosa Coated Products. The following year, Nekoosa acquired Nashua’s Carbonless Paper business to further expand Nekoosa’s presence in the carbonless market. Today, Nekoosa Coated Products has an intense focus on developing a growing portfolio of specialty products to compliment its carbonless product portfolio.