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We Service What We Sell

Liberty Distributors is your all-in-one partner for facility solutions equipment, parts, and services. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the high-quality solutions we've been delivering to businesses across the USA for over three decades. By understanding and addressing the unique challenges that companies face in maintaining their facilities, we help you keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.


Experience a Different Kind of Partnership

For Liberty Distributors, it's about more than just supplying products. We're your facilities solution, your partner in maintaining a safe and productive working environment, ensuring quality control, and enhancing your business image. We are experts in providing tailored equipment, parts, and services that meet your unique needs. Whether it's sourcing a new sweeper for your production floor or finding the perfect replacement part for your burnisher, we've got you covered.


Optimal Functionality, Minimum Hassle

Liberty Distributors understands the criticality of seamless operations. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your needs, developing customized solutions that keep your facility up and running smoothly. Our inventory of equipment includes a variety of sweepers, burnishers, sprayers, and more, each selected for their ease of use, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, our selection of parts – ranging from brushes, hoses, and filters, to other accessories – ensures you have everything necessary to maintain your equipment in optimal condition. We guarantee quick access to all the facility supplies you might need, reducing downtime and enhancing your productivity.

Services We Provide:

  • Warranty Work

  • Delivery / Pick-Up of Equipment (within delivery area)

  • On-Site Mobile Repair

  • Parts for Most Manufacturers

  • Planned Maintenance Programs

  • Custom Floor Care Consultation

  • Rental Equipment

  • New Equipment Demos & Sales

  • Used Equipment Demos & Sales

  • Battery Sales & Maintenance

  • Staff Training & Development

  • Process Engineering

Cleaning supplies

More than Just Equipment: Services that Make a Difference

At Liberty Distributors, we offer a diverse array of services to complement our equipment and parts offering. From installation and maintenance to training and educational resources, our goal is to help you get the most from your equipment, ensuring it runs at peak performance.

Our team of experienced technicians provides on-site maintenance and repair services to keep your equipment in top condition, reducing downtime and minimizing costs. We are not just a supplier; we are an extension of your operations team, ensuring your facilities run smoothly at all times.


Facility Solutions for Educational and Government Buildings

Our experience and expertise extend beyond commercial facilities to also cover educational and government buildings. Liberty Distributors specializes in supplying these sectors with comprehensive maintenance and restroom supplies that ensure a clean and well-maintained environment. Our ability to understand the specific needs of these sectors and provide tailored solutions sets us apart.

Schools and universities across the country rely on Liberty Distributors to maintain their facilities, enhance their image, and ensure a conducive learning environment. Similarly, government facilities trust us for our punctual delivery, quality products, and sustainable distribution practices, as we help them achieve a cleaner, more efficient workspace.

Commitment to Cleanliness: Restroom Supplies

A critical aspect of maintaining any facility is ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of restrooms. At Liberty Distributors, we offer a comprehensive range of restroom supplies that adhere to the highest standards of quality. From cleaning chemicals and tools to paper products and dispensers, we supply all you need to maintain clean and sanitized restrooms.

The Liberty Distributors Advantage

Our value proposition goes beyond our diverse range of high quality products and our expertise in providing end-to-end facility solutions. When you choose Liberty Distributors, you're choosing a partner that brings several unique benefits.

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Expertise in Various Industries

Liberty Distributors boasts a wealth of experience across multiple sectors, including retail, education, and government. This broad industry expertise allows us to understand the specific needs and challenges of each sector and tailor our solutions accordingly. Whether it's an educational institution requiring specialty cleaning equipment or a government facility looking for sustainable supplies, we bring our A-game to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Innovation-Driven Solutions

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, we understand the importance of innovation in maintaining competitiveness. At Liberty Distributors, we're always on the lookout for new and better ways to serve our customers. This focus on innovation is evident in our product offerings, where we strive to incorporate the latest technologies and advancements, providing you with solutions that are efficient, effective, and future-ready.

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Customer-Centric Approach

At the heart of Liberty Distributors is our unwavering commitment to our customers. We believe that understanding your needs is the first step toward providing effective solutions. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we're not just selling products and services; we're building long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and mutual success.

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Dedicated Support Team

Our commitment to you extends well beyond the initial sale. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist with any issues, concerns, or questions you may have. Whether it's helping you select the right equipment, providing training on how to use a new product, or assisting with maintenance queries, we're here for you every step of the way.


As your committed partner in facility solutions, Liberty Distributors is poised to help you maintain your facilities, enhance your business image, and improve your bottom line. Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to guide you through maintaining your facilities, whether you operate a business, an educational institution, or a government building. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment, parts, and services, and discover how we can help your facility thrive.

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