How Does a Robotic Cleaning Machine See?

It’s fairly obvious how to operate a ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper, as they are built similarly to cars with gas and brake pedals, a steering wheel and other commonly-used components we manage on a daily basis.

Robotic cleaning machines look similar to a typical ride-on cleaning machine, in fact the brain based robotic scrubber can be operated by a person, but have integrated technologies that allow it to clean autonomously. What this mean for you is that these scrubbers and sweepers are safe enough to work alongside people in real world environments like grocery stores, malls, airports and more.

All brain driven intelligent floor scrubbers have 3 types of cameras:


The LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors accurately scan the area in front of and to the sides of the machine. These sensors are located approximately 4” and 36” from the ground so they can scan for a wide range of potential obstacles.

3D Cameras

The three 3D cameras allow the machine to see the environment around it in real time and detect any potential safety hazards.

2D Cameras

The three 2D cameras, located on the front and sides of the machine, are used for obstacle notification. These cameras allow the machine to take photos of not only obstacles and hazards but also the home markers that tell the unit which route to run.

All of this unique technology comes together through the brain central computer and allows the unit to operate as if a person were driving. With this technology we are able to improve cleaning consistency and coverage, allow team members to work on higher value tasks and all without needing engineers or a specialized technical team.

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